Yoga & Sound Journey

Yoga & Sound Journey
Friday, March 20, 6 – 7:30 pm
With Catherine Albertini & Robert Brevoort
For this session, we begin with a 30-minute seated meditation and gently move into a sequence of simple seated yoga postures to stretch our bodies and get us into a relaxed state. Then, we will spend the next hour lying on the floor in a supported savasana (corpse pose) to easily allow the waves of sound to wash over us. Note: Please feel free to bring any extra props you would appreciate in an extended relaxation pose. (Bolsters and eye pillows are nice.)
Many of you have been to the sound bath sessions before, but for those of you who have not, this sound bath is part meditation and part listening exercise. Robert Brevoort plays the gong, didgeridoo, singing bowls, rav drum, flute and a few other instruments with tones and rhythms designed for mind and body healing and to take you on a spiritual journey.
There is no cost to attend this class, but we encourage you to donate what you’re comfortable with to show your appreciation.