Beginner Yoga:

Is a 60 minute class that is great for all levels, not just the beginner. We focus on building a strong foundation for all postures by moving slowly and paying attention to alignment and how we feel. I encourage my class to use props to help them move into poses with more ease and comfort. We begin with a seated meditation and some light stretching followed by some standing poses that work on building strength and balance. We then move back to the floor for seated yoga postures and end in relaxation pose.

Gentle Yoga:

Is a 60 minute class, great for a special population of people that may have limitations due to health or injuries. We begin with a seated meditation and then transition to slow moving seated stretches followed by a standing sequence that focuses on strength and balance. This class ends with a focus on breathing and meditation.

Rest & Relax Yoga:

This 60 minute class is designed to help you release the stress in your body…and your day. We will begin with a sequence of simple yoga postures and end with a long and thorough session of guiding, breathing, and visualization. Suitable for most ability levels.


This is a 60-minute class that focuses on mindfulness and stress relief. Class opens with a light yoga sequence to warm and gently stretch our bodies. We then move into guided meditation where the class is walked through breathing and mental exercises. The last part of our practice is free-association meditation where you are encouraged to quietly experiment with your own techniques or reflect on how you feel.


Yoga To Go:

Is a 30 minute yoga class. Great for the individual that has been sitting or standing and wants to awaken and move the body through stretching.

Flow Yoga:

Is a 60 minute class that is great for the individual who is familiar with yoga or is already living an active lifestyle. We begin with a slow moving sequence to warm up the body and then focus on creating strength, flexibility, and balance with more active and challenging postures. As we focus on our poses our breath is our guide.

Beginner Flow Yoga:

Is a 60-minute class designed for the individual who is familiar with the Beginner class and wants to move into a flow sequence. We begin with slow movement and synchronized breath to warm up the body, gradually increase our intensity until we reach the yogic peak and end by slowing down, letting our breath guide us the whole way. This flow sequence lets us open ourselves to more strength, flexibility and balance. This class is slightly more challenging than the Beginning and Rest & Relaxation classes, but suitable for most levels.


This playful class encourages self expression as well as building social skills. Kids will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques. They will learn self-respect and respect for others while practicing fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy.
Kids ages 5-14 years old.


Pilates is an exercise regime that connects the mind and the body. All movements are initiated by breath and help develop muscle strength and flexibility. Pilates focuses on building a strong core improving coordination and balance, which supports correct posture.